Georgia Brown is a freelance journalist with experience in news journalism, magazine publications, digital marketing and public relations.

Currently an MA student at Sussex after graduating from King's College London, Georgia has a passion for both documentary production and investigative journalism. She is due to complete her postgraduate course in Journalism and Documentary Practice in the summer of 2020.


Now we've got the obligatory third-person introduction over, let me talk a little bit about this platform and why I founded this blog. I'm totally in love with writing, whether it be academic or personal, and created this space to be a digital diary where I can write about anything and everything that challenges, confuses or excites me. 

I'm 23, a foodie, a house plant enthusiast and thrive when I'm surrounded by the people I love or travelling. I have a particular enthusiasm for empowering women in the arts, so much so I wrote my dissertation on misrepresentation of female bodies in performance art. If you'd like to view some of my more sophisticated writing you can find it here. Otherwise, enjoy my endless rambles about the best places for brunch and how to see a city in 48 hours. 

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