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A pocket sized guide to spending 48 hours in an Italian city.

There is something about that feeling before travelling, eyelids heavy after an attempted sleep before an AM flight, the last minute passport panic, and an absurdly early airport breakfast that never loses its novelty to me. Headed for Milan bleary eyed but excited to eat our body weight in carbs, my three best friends and I set off for Gatwick.

On first arrival to the centre as we walked up the Metro steps to Piazza del Duomo that revealed the grand cathedral, it felt as if the city was almost coated in a commercialised veneer of designer shopping brands. Ladies immaculately dressed and very few gentlemen out of suits or uniform, I suddenly hated the thought of people knowing we were tourists.

Having read multiple times that “this is not Italy” but rather an elusive capital of fashion and business that lacks traditional Italian value, I feared I would feel out of my depth. Yet the city had a certain understated charm that I very quickly warmed to as we were welcomed wherever we dined, alongside stunning Milanese architecture, delicious food spots and ice creams of dreams.

That said, by far the best thing about the city was the food. Like typical millennials prioritising avo toast and travelling over saving for a house deposit, our first morning we stumbled across a brunch spot, Fancy Toast and indulged in creamy avocado and bacon over toasted sourdough.

With pink neon letters stating “fancy toast from west coast” illuminated behind the counter, the café very much reminded me of the wonderful Grind spots at home in London I so often go to for a post-lecture coffee. Many coffee shops in Milan also offered free refills of Americano, so the caffeine fix was sorted for the day at as little as €1.50.

It would have been sinful to travel to Italy without tasting a pizza, so picked up a slice of popular Pizzeria Spontini’s margherita and followed it with an oversized chocolate mountain of ice cream from Cioccolati kidding ourselves this was something to fuel the time before we ate in the evening!

The city was a stunning space to relax, admire the surroundings and bask in the Easter sunshine that hasn’t quite yet hit the UK. It’s safe to say we have returned from Milan having eaten more than at Christmas, full of joy and mozzarella, I would thoroughly recommend this beautiful city for a short break.




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